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Yeah I didn't mean to imply it would be like this 24/7. That's why I used the word "hits" when I updated the thread title yesterday. It's the thrill of finally hitting the magic 5-0 mark.

I've gotten great use from the chip. I've had it pretty much since it was available to purchase, and I've most definitely gotten my $1k worth of "fun" out of it already. So now I can play around at the extreme end of the spectrum and see how much more fun I can get on the bleeding edge between "runs" and "rip".

I've seen a couple LN2 runs with their 3960x at vcore 1.59+ which give most people a heartattack soon as they see the number.

I'll probably run @4.8ghz with the vcore auto fluxuating between v1.49 to v1.512 for awhile as I research other aspects.

For example a key is the fact the CPU is requesting v1.386 (vid) so part of the research will be seeing precisely why the r4e is needing to feed it far more. It'll probably come down to something like "because it's detecting falloff / something else and ramping it until the detected fluxuation is stablized" resulting in "making it run at the requested speed". Fully understanding that and how the r4e decides it may yield some options to get it running @5 with less v. We'll see.

In any event, this was a fun build, is currently amazingly stable, and a friggin beast. Definitely enjoying.

Was doing some IBT runs using Very High @4.9ghz with offset allowing vcore up to 1.480v.

Passed 5 runs.
Package powers (as expected with IBT) went off the charts.

Package = 225.25W
IA Cores = 201.14W
Uncovre = 26.56W

Now that is some serious damn wattage.
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