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* Recently purchased this card for my new machine set-up.

It replaced an Xonar DX> I can say that this card chassis is solidly built, no exposed circuits that could short while handling and removing, the Xonar DX model I owned required a 4 pin connector to help power the card> the Ti model does not require any external power source and runs straight from the pci slot, this especially makes it easier to remove and install> the Xonar power connecter was difficult to remove when required and you had to struggle to pull it off the board(without breaking it)

The Xonar had a great sound, deep-rich inviting, it had a great S/N ratio so the sound came from out of thin air and appeared without any background noise, the user interface had lots of options but I found the GUI to be too layered to simply be able to go in re-set somthing and leave. All in all it was a great sounding card for alot of stuff including gaming (though not tested with 5.1 audio.

Creatives Ti HD model is well worth the asking price of $145> it has inter-changable op-amps if you would like to change the signature of the sound, its noise level is just as good the xonar if not slightly better in terms of solid audio, with a more determined soundstage that has a better overall grip if I would describe it ( less high freq aliasing at low volumes) low freq output is taught / clear and the soundstage it produces creates an immersive listening experience with No listener fatigue> you can turn the volume up and you would be able to listen to music for hours. The GUI is simple, with a set of sound feature adjustments that can be made via windows. The drivers installed with no major issues> but did find that Creative recomended some software to install that was not completely required for the use of simple audio playback. The soundcard itself does have an issue in regards to playback from different source players, if the source players introduce latency the Ti will distort the output, changing the sound control options to CD sound allows the card to playback audio from those sources without distortion or noise being introduced.

Recommend to builders looking for a better solution than on board audio provides.thumb.gif
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