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I've scoured the net searching for answers including posts from this forum, but none of the scenarios match my situation.

You can see my Rig in my Profile.


Computer boots fine when only changing the multiplier.

SSD is no longer recognized if I make the following settings that closely match stock as a starting point:

NOTE: Regular SATA hard drives are recognized without issue.

CPU Multiplier: x12.5 3125 MHz
PCEI Speed: 100MHz
NB Multi: x8 2000 MHz
CPU Host Clock: 250
HT: 2000 MHz
Memory Multi: 5.33x 1332.5 MHz
Timings: 9 9 9 24 2T

CPU Voltage: 1.35 (Normal)
NB Voltage: 1.1 (Normal)
Memory Voltage: 1.5 (Normal)
PCEI Voltage: 1.8 (Normal)

What would be causing the BIOS to fail to recognize only the SSD when changing the settings to essentially mirror that of stock speeds?

SDD is recognized consistently under normal operation conditions.
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