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I've now nailed down my choice of motherboards to these two. Their price is identical, but if I order before Sunday I can get a 30$ combo discount on the MSI.

So far the most significant difference to me seems the Killer NIC on the MSI vs the Intel NIC on the Gigabyte. The MSI board is also quite a bit more aesthetically pleasing. Since I'm going for MSI Gaming video cards, they'll look more consistent with the MSI board as well, although honestly, looks are not very important to me. The Gigabyte boards seem hugely popular on these boards and thus perhaps it'll be easier for me to get support for it.

As I stated in my last thread, I need one of these for a Haswell-based build with the following characteristics:

- Silence is primordial, so a few pwm controllable fans in BIOS is very important
- Will be using two GTX 760s in SLI
- Will overclock as much as possible without spending hours on it, I'm no expert. I'd be happy with 4.4Ghz honestly but 4.5Ghz would be nice.
- Will use a Samsung 840 Pro as the main SSD and a hard drive for storage.
- PC will be used for gaming and development mainly.

Sorry to bother you guys again with a question like this, this should hopefully be the last.
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