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Ive got an MSI ref 7970, and if I had to buy it again Id probably opt for a 7950 with a good cooler instead(I got it for the same price as a 7950 at the time). The fan is just disgustingly loud, and in this summer heat itll be running at or over 80% speed just to keep it at ~70c(I dont like my GPUs running hotter than that). A 5-10% performance increase over a 7950 just aint worth the noise IMO considering the $100 difference here in Canada.

Theres some 7950s on sale on like a Windforce for $309, but it seems like its voltage locked to... 1.25. Which I doubt you would be going over anyway unless you go water cooling. Of course if you ARE planning to go with water then what cooler it comes with doesnt matter, but its a little tricky to find a reference 7970 unless you buy used.

And like rdr said, if a 7950 aint maxing it out then a 7970 wont be either.