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Need help/advice! I only have one shot at this for the next few years.

I haven't made a water cooled rig in a long time. All my knowledge is outdated.

I have an AMD FX-8350, an ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard, two GTX 670's (non wc)) and 16 gig of 4 modules of G Skill DIMM DDR3-1600 memory.
I have a Corsair C 70 case, a BR player/recorder, Kingwin LZP-1000 power supply and a dual reservoir made by XSPC.

I want to water cool this rig and make it as quiet as possible.

I don't know what is out there and build quality as far as WC components go. I want it to be reliable with the best performance possible. I need all the other components to make a dual loop system.

I might be WCing the MOBO if I can find the right parts. Can I cool the memory as well?

I have used EK and XSPC stuff in the past.

Whom is the best performance for the buck as far as a component supplier goes now?