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P45 + ICH10 - Does the southbridge overheat?

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Instead of buying a completely new setup when my 750i motherboard failed, I bought a new DFI Jr Lanparty P45-T2RS for $75. I read that with a Core 2 Duo, people were hitting 600MHz. And I only wanted 500MHz out of the bus, so I put a 360 Xenon heatsink on the northbridge instead a waterblock. But my max stable overclock is only 440MHz, and my lan is cutting out intermittently. I'm not sure if this is because of the southbridge or the northbridge. There is no option to adjust the MCP (southbridge) frequency or multiplier.

So my question is this. Before I put a waterblock on my northbridge, has anyone overclocked their P45 chipset to 500MHz+? If so, have you had any problems with the southbridge overheating or failing? Since there is no option to adjust the southbridge multiplier, I do not want to fry it...

Thanks is advance for your help!
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For those that are interested, it's definitely the southbridge holding me back. With a waterblock on it, the northbridge temp is hovering at 25C, but I still can't go any higher than 440Mhz...

EDIT: I was WRONG.. See below...
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I just need to make a final update to this thread, for accuracy's sake. I was actually WRONG about the southbridge overheating. I needed to adjust the RAM clock skew settings (listed in the RAM clock fine delay settings page). After finding the correct RAM clock skew settings, the motherboard is perfectly stable at 500MHz, putting my Core 2 Duo at the 4.5GHz speed that I was hoping to achieve again. Posts on other sites mainly only refer to changing the GTL voltages and CPU clock skew settings..

And I'm glad that I went ahead and put the waterblock on the P45 chip. Using a 4.5GHz C2D, 1200MHz DDR2 RAM, and a 7870 Tahiti LE @ 1.2GHz, the NB needs 1.5v to be stable. I read that anything over 1.4v will kill the chip on air..

And yes, this is an older motherboard and chipset, but hopefully this will still help someone out. This board requires much more fine tuning than 775 boards that use nVidia chipsets. With my nVidia board, I did not have to fine tune any clock skew, GTL voltage, clock amplitude, nor fine delay settings in order to hit these speeds..

But thanks anyway for looking to help! This definitely seems to be the place to get help with overclocking problems, and I'm definitely going to drop in more often biggrin.gif
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