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I have a Galaxy S4 and would like to be able to stream my phone to my TV using my TV streamer. The Streamers I have are a panasonic DMP-MST60 which supports DLNA and miracast, and a roku. I know that you can buy a samsung dongle to mirror your phone to your TV, but that is $70 and I should be able to use a streaming box. Using the stock touchwiz mirroring it doesnt find either device. I have since rooted my phone and installed a custom rom, same issue. HOWEVER, there is an app called 'twonky beam' which recognizes both devices and allows me to stream videos (both local and online) to my streaming box. So clearly the capability is there without using Samsungs dongle.

My question is, does anyone know of an app or Galaxy S4 rom that is capable of mirroring my phones screen and sound to my Streaming box for my TV?