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i7-3820 Overclocking Help

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I am VERY new to overclocking. I've been messing around with the basic settings (BCLK, CPU multiplier, VCORE) and pretty much leaving the rest to auto.

Some specs:

16GB DDR3 1600 RAM (currently set to 1333 I believe).

I managed to finally pass an Intel Burn Test @ 4.625GHz (125 BCLK * 37 multiplier).

All I want to know is if these stats look good. I'm not really interested in pushing past 4.625. I'm just trying to be conscious about keeping VCORE and temps as low as possible.

Thanks in advance.
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I'd recommend that you should use Prime 95's latest version to check stability overnight. IBT at "standard" stress level is not enough. P95 will probably heat your CPU more than IBT. As you can see your stability test has lasted only 146 seconds, I'd recommend a stability test that will last as many hours as you would ever use your computer.

Also there already is a thread about 3820 overclocking with tons of info: http://www.overclock.net/t/1221208/i7-3820-overclock-club
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Here it is after roughly 5-6 hours of Prime95:

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