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It's really a preference thing. Personally I think all the corsair offerings are butt ugly and gimmicky. I can't personally comment on the build quality of the newer models, but the original ones were pretty garbage too. Worse than my X-Armor.

The Ducky YOTD I have is of decent quality, but I honestly don't understand OCN's love affair with them, it isn't THAT good.

CM Rapid on the other hand... Real gem right there. One of the cheapest mechanicals and also one of the very best in quality. If they made a backlit green or blue full sized version with a wrist wrest, I'd gladly give up both my Xarmor and my Ducky and still pay full price for it. There are very few boards which actually surpass it's quality, most are ugly, and all are more expensive.

K90 is great quality IMO. Brushed Aluminum Base. Its Flat so you can tip your Keyboard vertical and blow out all the crumbs/dust/lint. Cherry Red Switches are amazing. Key lettering doesn't rub off. 3 different Back light levels. Great media controls. It has Macro Keys for those that use them. Only con I found with it is the writ rest could be better.

I have a bias against CM peripherals because the CM storm gaming mouse. (Didn't like how it clicked at all. Sensor was crap)

I will say the Trigger is the only other board I would have gotten besides the K90.

I too share a distaste for Razer, they make cheap products that don't last long. The Naga has a Plastic tab that hits a sensor, to tell if you click or not. Well the plastic tab wears down over time and ceases to click eventually. You have to take the mouse apart and add Wax to fix it. The click sensor also wears out and needs WD-40 to get it working again. Thank God for Rednecks on youtube for figuring those fixes out!