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Exactly, importing is the way to go to beat those costs, that's how am getting my i7, in a few days now. How do you prove it's done all that damage?.. coz am thinking they should refund you your cpu in man!

I guess that should be a rule, when you buy a chip make sure its from the same place you got the mobo so that should any die, RMA both of them and blame the one that's survived to have caused the damage in the RMA report.

Yeah, I got both from Microcenter, but it's been a few months so I doubt they would do anything about it.
Also, the cpu was rma'd before the board, and the board killed the next 3770k as well. frown.gif

I'm going for a Gigabyte board next (z87x-oc) since it's the only brand with local warranty coverage, anywhere in the planet, serial based.