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Well my ASUS Z77 Form. V is out for RMA so I picked up a ASUS Z68 Gene IV. I keep running into issues though. Usually when I'm playing a game it will restart or BSOD. After maybe 3 times of random restarts I get memory error code 55 from the motherboard. I removed one stick of ram and it POSTs fine again and loads into windows. After 2-3 hours it restarts again. Thinking the graphics card was the issue I install a new graphics card. Still get random restarts when playing games. It would even freeze when watching videos had this happen twice. I decided then to do a complete fresh install of windows, everything seems to be working fine played some games didnt get restarts I also moved my memory sticks around to the 1-3 slot instead of the 1-2 slot. I shut my PC down and go out for the day. Once I come back I turn on my computer and it HANGS ON POST, annoyed i restart the computer, same deal. I turn cycle the PSU and turn on the computer again. POSTs good and boots into windows, however once i got into my desktop instant crash and restart. I tried again, cycled the PSU and made sure my settings were stock. Boot into windows and again crash and reboot. Frustrated I shut it down and leave it.

-All settings are stock, memory was at XMP profile 1.65v 1-2-3 memory slot
-All settings are stock memory underclocked to 1600mhz 1.65 Swapped to 1-3 memory slot

ASUS Gene IV Z68
Ivy 3770k
12GB ram 3x4GB 1866mhz CAS9(now down to 2x4GB)
GTX 680
1000w Corsair PSU

Need ideas or help? BIOs update maybe? if i can even get it to boot into windows to do that update? doesn't like my memory Im very frustrated right now