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Corsair K95 Issue

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I've just bought this Corsair K95 literally a few days ago. It's a very good keyboard and I really like it.

The issue im having regards the bank of macro keys.
Althought I don't really use them, this may change but the fact that it came with the keyboard means that it should really be functioning.

Well, enough of the waffle and onto the actual problem.
Im trying to record or assign a function onto one of the macro keys, eg. G1.
I have read the manual several times already and have tried to record/assign a function on two several keys through the Corsair software and the actual keyboard it self. But it seems that its not really retaining the functions I've assigned.

Is anyone else having similar issue to me or know what the problem is or am I really just doing it wrong?
Please help, I don't really want to return it but if its this particular keyboard that's broken then I guess I will definitely have to.
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You can go about recording macros in two different ways.

You can do them on the fly or using the software. Either way you choose to record if you plan on using them in a game that may block the use of macros you need to select hardware playback, and then in the manage profile screen "save to K95"

If you are still having issues give Corsair a call and a person live on the phone will assist you with setting up macros.
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