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Installed graphics driver not working even though the computer says it does (AMD, Win7)

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I'm fixing a Pavilion DV7 for this guy and I'm having big problems with the graphics driver.

This computer has the M880G with Mobility Radeon HD 4250 and the Mobility Radeon HD 5470.

When I disable the 4250 and keep the 5470 on, the computer will start like it should, but if I try to run them both on enabled the screen will turn black right before login. I can hear the sound and everything, so it's not the computer crashing or anything like that. If I disable the 5470 the same thing happens. The only way the computer will turn on the way it should is if the 4250 is disabled while the 5470 is enabled. So I do get a picture, the computer itself is working, no problem there.

Safe mode works like it should and when the screen goes black I have to use the safe mode to disable the 4250 (and keep the 5470 enabled) to be able to turn the computer back on in normal mode. It's strange though that the computer says that the drivers are working like they should in the device manager, but they're obviously not; when scrolling the picture will lag pretty bad, and even though I've tried probably 10-12 different drivers (new ones, older ones, all kinds), nothing new happens to the computer when I install a driver. It's like the driver isn't "connected" to the hardware like it should, I have no other way to describe it. It installs the driver with the damn Catalyst piece of crap program and tells me everything is working...but no.

I've tried all I could think of - many different drivers, removed the old one and installed the new one instead, installed directx, framework, tried different fixes for scroll lag (which is pointless since this gotta be a driver problem)...I'm all out of ideas.

All suggestions are welcome, since I've tried just about every solution I could find when I googled. And feel free to ask questions - I think I put all the info I have in here, but if something is missing just ask.
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Are you using the drivers from HP's web site? The dv7 uses some proprietary video switching methods, and I've had horrible luck trying to get AMD's stock drivers to work properly on them. The HP drivers, although a little dated sometimes, seem to work much better and support the configurable options.

It's my understanding that you can't have "both" video card options enabled at the same time. It's switchable graphics, meaning the HD5470 routes it output through the M880G's HD4250 IGP. When it switches the 5470 on, the 4250 IGP gets disabled and enters pass-through mode.

Your message was a little hard to follow in that regard - are you trying to enable both GPU (the 5470 discreet graphics, AND the IGP HD4250 in the M880G) at the same time? I don't think you can, at least I don't think u can and get display outputs to work properly.

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Yes, I've used drivers from HP's site and I've tried a couple of asder00-drivers I found. Did nothing, though. I've tried AMD drivers as well.

Hmm but the cards doesn't seem to switch by themselves so that I can see that in the device manager, even though it's supposed to be like you say. I figured both had to be enable in the device manager and that the computer used the one it wanted at any given time?

I have to enable "both" of them in the device manager, or else they will show up with an arrow next to them and I have to activate them. Both have to be enabled in the DM or else the computer won't be able to switch between the two, right(?). Even if both are enabled it doesn't mean I'm trying to use both at once.

One other thing - can I be having this problem because of refresh rate? It's a shot in the dark, but I read something about on another website. Seems strange though, but I can just as well ask..smile.gif
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