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GTX 680 OC Help

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Hey All,

Here's what I managed to get on a Palit Jetstream 4GB GTX 680 using Kepler Bios Tweaker:

Couldn't get any higher because it kept crashing nVidia drivers and then Heaven Benchmark.

I'm on 314.22 drivers, not sure if that's make any difference (First time OCing nVidia)

I've uploaded the bios in case anyone wants to look at it.

I don't care about fan noise, as I can hardly hear it at 70% anyway 56k .zip file

So my question is basically this:

If I upgrade drivers, will that improve OC ability?

Or am I at my limits on this chip?
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Updating the drivers to a newer set won't give you a better overclock, might lower your previous OC though.

What kind of boost clocks are you getting under load. If it's @1300Mhz or so, they you're doing ok. Also memory overclocks help quite a bit with Kepler. Get that the highest you can stable.
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the same thing happened to me using msi afterburner with my 680 so unlocked the voltage and turned it up.
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