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I am posting as I was hoping to get some opinions about some future possibilities for my specific situation. I currently own an Apple desktop with a couple thunderbolt ports, in addition to an Asus G75vx laptop that also has a thunderbolt port. Currently I have no issues with games (curtesy of htuner and klem's work on a nice gpu oc, ty again!), however I'm very curious as to the possibilities that arise with an egpu.

I guess my first question would be whether or not anyone has looked into using this to sli another mobile card? (If even possible?) Also given from what I've been reading online (what little i have), I'm gathering they can be very hard to setup... Has anyone on this site managed to setup any sort of egpu with a relatively recent Asus laptop? Or have the same card set up on multiple systems? Finally the only benefit I see at the moment given the complexity of setting up would be for say someone who wanted to build a high end desktop ultimately. Say buying a monitor, case, psu, high end card, and liquid cooling in stage one ( setting up as an egpu ). Then saving more money to ultimately finish the build later on.

What are some of your opinions? Anyone?