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Hi everyone.

Thought I'd post some pictures of my first attempt at water cooling to see what you guys think. I'd be interested to hear any feedback you guys might have.

First, my specs:

CPU: 3930K OC'd @ 4.7ghz
Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Extreme
Graphics Card: GTX 780 with EVGA ACX cooler (Some of these pictures are a few weeks old and have my previous graphics card, an Asus GTX 670).
Case: Corsair 800D

Watercooling stuff:
CPU Block: EK Supremacy Elite
Rad: EK CoolStream RAD XTX 360
Pump: EK D5 Vario with EK D5 X-TOP
Res: EK Multioption RES X3 250
Tubing: Primochill Pro LRT Red Tubing

Some pictures (I apologize for the bad quality, I'm not very good at taking photos as you can see)

I decided to mount my res to the detachable plastic cover over the back of the HDD bays, which gives me more room for routing the sata cables and other things behind the res.

Here's a screenshot of my max CPU temp after 20 runs of IBT set to very high:

EDIT: I forgot to mention I'll soon have a waterblock for my GTX 780 so I can get that water cooled too.