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Asrock z87 OC Formula Thread // Bios // Tools // Tips

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OC Formula: Standard board, conformal coating, 4-way support
OC Formula A: Same as OC Formula with 802.11AC card
OC Formula M: Mini board, OC's the same minus 4-way support, no OLED disp (Best deal if going 2d and single card only)

z87 OCF Bios List

z87 OCFA Bios List

z87 OCF-M Bios List

ASRock OC Tools
0709 * Latest

Newegg Links

Quick Tips
-Air cooling 32m overclocking profile is niiiice.
-Mem profiles are made with normal purchased memory kits not golden samples.
-Conformal on the big board imo is best to be used as a second defense. Eraser is the insulation of choice on that one.
-When overclocking memory if you hang on 00 or if the last code you see is 03, something is set too tight for the frequency you are using.
-Tighter timings are not always faster, play with them one at a time. I could tell you which ones matter but thats half the fun!
-Boot bclk and eventual bclk can take some ease off of training at high speed. This can also allow your RTL and I0-L to sometimes be pulled in tighter when set on auto.
-The same with hynix and BBSE, some kits dont like to train with high volts. If you are max mhz'ing hynix you can use 2.0vdimm boot and 2.3vdimm eventual etc.
-The 3000mhz memory divider at 100bclk is not useable, so use 2933 and bclk or 125 strap.
-When using 125 bclk strap, around 145 bclk you will loose stability and its advisable to switch to 167 strap at that point.

Nick tips
Originally Posted by nickshih;5194408 
some tips here for the memory overclocking

1. Dram boot voltage & Dram eventual voltage:
Some module doesn't like too higher voltage during code training . For example : Hynix 1.74volt passed , 1.78volt failed
But u need 1.78 volt to enter os at certain frequency . Then u can set dram boot voltage = 1.74 , dram eventual voltage = 1.78.
It will help you to pass the training and also go into os without any problem.

2. Boot bclk & Eventual Bclk : it is working same as dram boot & eventual . especially great helpful of maximum memory clocking

3. Trdrd is the key of memory performance . Try to keep this one as 4 , even u have to loose others . U will gain more than what u lose .

4. Memory training threshold : This is the special option by Asrock Z87(M) OCF only .
The value of clock is reference by the memory clock which u are aiming . you can keep auto from 1333 ~3400 Mhz .
But if you try to max out the memory mhz >3400~4400 , u can try to put it from 14~16 . It might do a little bit help .

5. System agent & IO digital & IO analog : each of them has auto rule already.
If u want to put it by urself . System agent maximum value < +0.5 , IO digital <= +0.3 , IO analog <= +0.25
IO digital & IO analog helps maximum memory clock .

So .. boot is for code training , eventual is for booting into os .
Simple and easy .. enjoy it !!

Some results.






Updated: 7/1/2013

Possible memory stability gain lowering Vttddr voltage from x .5 vdimm (standard intel rules) to x .490 -.495 vdimm

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Let"s battle !thumb.gif
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Battle begins:)

new bios working well with PSC:thumb:

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If this was Facebook I would like this
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Originally Posted by Splave View Post

If this was Facebook I would like this

In the dungeon still:typer:
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Benching DDR-3400Mhz tips here . I know lots people want to do high-speed memory OC

1. Not every cpu can overclock to DDR-3400 on air cooling

2. Hynix batch 21x ~25x like voltage , it is much easier to reach 3400 Mhz with those IC

3. after u have good CPU and good Stick . please try ur module on each dimm slot .

Memory module has it "own favorite slot" to do high-frequency .

Same dimm slot is not working on every sticks . But it still have common rule . Dimm 3(yellow outer) is the avg best one and Dimm 1 (yellow inner) is second place.
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Very strong mobo's,u can't go wrong in choosing this!

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OC FORMULA, and Samsung HCH9, all on air thumb.gif

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There doesn't seem to be that many ASRock Z87 boards around here. They seem to be underrated while Gigabyte gets all the attention. Absolutely nothing wrong with GB boards though.
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So decided to test a team mates 2300 c8's and they did not disappoint. . . . timings wise:p:

CB seemed to hit at around -132c and after that I could not get in to the bios, so called it quits lol

Quick run with no waza and right off the bat something is apparently off

Waza run with higher memory and, very poor efficiency

l0ud_sil3nc3 - 7:18:938 - 40x100 - 1333.4 MHz - 6-10-6-24-64-1 - OCF - GSkill 2300 c8 2x2GB/PSC - 2.15v - LN2 @ all

everything is all ready torn down and ready for a repeat tomorrow night:)

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