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So my work frequently gets in new technology from our main hardware manufacture. Lenovo.

Now I am a Technical Security Analyst and on the list to try out these new devices. Along with mobile devices, such as ipads, android tablets, phones etc. (I manage them in Air Watch and just use them to see how they function etc while accessing corporate files etc.)

So I had the opportunity on using the Lenovo Carbon X1 a couple of weeks ago. The only thing I didn't like for me personally was there wasn't the ability to dock the machine. I have a thinkpad in a dock at my desk with a dual monitor setup.

Now everything else on the carbon, is excellent. I don't think that I could complain about the touch pad, which I frequently do about other laptops. I honestly felt like it out preformed some other machines that are twice a much including the mac air that I used for a while.

Besides the nightmare OS for corporate environments to manage, the mac air was pretty good. The carbon X1 was right on par with "the best".

This was just an observation of mine. If you have any questions let me know and I will try and help out.