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I'm updating my OCN Ultimate Rig:

I have changed my case selection from the Bitfenix Prodigy to the Fractal Design Node 304. Since I will only be water cooling the CPU (3770k), I decided to go with the Swiftech Apogee Drive II for a more simplified loop. I will also add that I will be using the ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe m-itx mobo.

From my understanding, I will just use the waterblock/pump combo with a radiator. Will the water in the tube and radiator suffice or will I need a reservoir?

EDIT: Will a dual 92mm radiator with no reservoir work? Will a dual 92mm radiator and 120mm radiator with no reservoir work? Will a dual 92mm radiator with a reservoir work?

In addition, I am having trouble selecting the right materials for this loop. Could you guys give me a parts list, such as a radiator (dual 92mm and/or 120mm) that is compatible with the Node 304, the correct tubing size, the correct sized fittings/ barbs, etc. I don't care about the tubing type/ color-- I just need to know the sizes for now.

I would also like some suggestions for 92mm fans (so far I'm going with some high RPM, pwm Deltas) and 120mm fans for the rad.

Any help is appreciated!

I have changed my mind to use SST FT03 Titanium case. Mods, please close this.
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