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For Sale: [Closers] Full Gaming/Server PC

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For Sale:
[Closers] Full Gaming/Server PC

Will Ship To: UK

Hey guys, 


Due to a recent lifestyle change I will now be selling my main rig and downsizing. 


The PC in question is a Server machine from origin but has been built up into a gaming platform that had given me many hours of gaming pleasure and  has been rock solid, you would expect no less from a machine that has a server architecture. This is a Custom build and features a fairly unique case, fully Metal and built for durability. It has had some modifications to allow for the secondary dedicated GPU PSU from which you will see in the pictures where the managed cables go into the interior of the case. The SSD Drives are adhered safely using Velcro in the Drive Storage section, this allowed me to maximize the space and allow for easy removal, again you can see this in the images


On the Top of the case there is a wireless unit that will NOT be included in the sale.


Furthermore the Top of the case is all silver under the secondary PSU. I applied a skin which can be easily removed without any effort restoring the full silver effect on the front end of the case. (You will see the front top of the case is black) 


I want to make everyone aware that the case is very rigid and designed for server/workstation use. There are a few blemishes on top of the case and on the front edges of the Vent Dust cover, however all can easily be remedied with your typical spray paint. 


Also included with this system are 2 PSU Load Balancers, to which do not actually apply to this system but are fitted, simply not plugged in. Some of the older PSU's required a significant pull on the 12V rail before power would be applied through PCI-E connectors, with newer PSU's this is however no longer the case but with the older ones the Load Balancers would simulate a system load.


The Specifications are as follows: 



2x AMD Opteron Dual Core CPU's 3Ghz (Each)  Codename: Santa Rosa 



Dual Socket Tyan S2915 Thunder (http://www.tyan.com/product_board_detail.aspx?pid=163



32GB Qimonda Full ECC Capable DDR2 667 (Matched Set, Dual Channel)


Graphics Cards:

2X Nvidia MSI 560TI Hawks (SLI) 



1x 700 Watt Seasonic SS-700HM (System) 1x: 750 Watt OCZ StealthXtreme 2 (GPU Dedicated) 



1x 1TB Hitachi HDS721010CLA 
1x 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 

1x 2TB Western Digital WD20EARX-00PASB0

1x 64GB Crucial M4 SSD 

1x 128GB Crucial M4 SSD 

1x 60gb OCZ Agility 3 SSD 

1x 250GB Samsung 840 SSD



Hitachi Blu-Ray Read and Write Capable



OEM Creative X-fi with Optical In/Out


Add on Cards

Asus U3S6 USB3.0/SATA3  (2x SATA3 Ports & 2x USB3 Ports)

Startech PEXSATA34 SATA3 (4X SATA3 Ports)



All Metal Custom (BoXX) With 2 Front 120mm Intakes (Standard E-ATX Sized Tower). Dimensions : Depth 19.5''  Width: 7''  Height 21.5''



Coolermaster Fan Controller x 3 Controller Nodes & 2 Temperature Sensors

2x PSU Load Balancers (In system but not applicable to PSU's)

4x PCI-E Power Extension leads



Pet and Smoke Free! 



100% Working Order






Front With Dust Vent




Front Without Dust Vent


Side profile


Top Front




The inside


The Inside 2



Storage Devices




That is it in a nutshell. Please ask me any questions as there could be loads to say, but I cannot say everything in one post haha. I will include original packaging for as much as I can but this is mainly just for the SSD's and controller cards


This item is HEAVY due to all the hardware and metallic nature of the case. I will discount on shipping/insurance as much as possible but please be aware that postal/insurance charges may be extra but I will discount where I can :), we can come to an arrangement.


I will accept offers of course but please contact me via PM for these types of queries. I will not part out this system.



Paypal payments only for buyer and seller protection. 




Any questions please ask smile.gif


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Pictures coming soon. Having a few issues.

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Offers accepted.
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