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* IMO Consoles averge 30FPS games, because developers don't bother pushing it over 60 because the game might fragmate prematurely , where they can use compute resouces elsewhere instead of hardcore gaming.

Therefore, because most games will never average 60 FPS (using all resources) consoles will still remain and will become the entertainer of people under 20. IMO> bought a Xbox 360 ~ graphics sucked, ditched it...tried out a PS3 on a 60" LED> you hit a distance wall...where depth perception hits a wall of pixels...and crumbles gtx 670 will blow away any console Graphics rendering any day.

Things to consider you can't do on consoles that are critical for consistent viewing pleasure.

Jaggies ~ Antialiasing
Shadow detail
Texture filtering
Did I mention Antaliasing?

Here's a Company of Heros 2 Benchmark Review

The best cards out there (Titan/AMD) can't reach 60FPS @ 1080p with this game?!

AMD's CPU is ineficient with this game @

2.5GHZ 28FPS - 4.5GHZ it reaches higher performance 40FPS

While Intels 4770K is more efficient from 2.5GHZ to 4.5GHZ @ 41 FPS Unchanged

This means CPU power doesn't equate to better graphics it only equates to poor CPU architecture.

The Xbox one is going to be an Window OS based software> could it be that direct X 11 is better distributed among developers? instead of custom software to integrate with the hardware?
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