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Nvidia Gefore 8600GT Won't Detect

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Okay, So I just got a shuttle sg33, just to play with it. But It's the most annoying thing ever to have this problem.
Yes, the shuttle has intergrated graphics, yet I can't find a place in my BIOS to turn them off to set my PCI-E slot only. Either way though, my 8600 that I just put into the desktop, will not detect in display adapters in device manager. I can get my monitor to come on unless it's through the onboard. But I know the 8600 is getting power, it's producing heat and the fan is going.
Any ideas of what i can do?
I've looked around google with nothing very helpful. I was told that I could try to disable my display adapter (which my onboard is a Intel G31/G33 Express Chipset Family) and then try plugging in the gpu, then restarting. But if it fails, I don't wanna go through a super long process of reseting cmos. If anyone can help, PLEASE give me advice. This is driving me up the wall.
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Removing mains and popping the CMOS battery is not what I would classify as 'super long'.

It should work once you hit disable.
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Actually considering it's the Shuttle popping the CMOS battery isnt what resets it to defaults, it's actually an annoying process. Which is the downside of this desktop, other than that it's an amazing bang for your buck.
Ontopic: The only problem is i don't see it in my display adapters, shouldnt it show up there if it was detected? Nothing detects it. Nvidia won't detect it, but im guessing that's because it's not actually installed yet.

I just disabled it through display adapters, and then I plugged my monitor to the card. I still have no response.....Hmm....? This is just making no sense to me.
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