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Corsair K70 multimedia issue

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So this keyboard doesn't come with any software or any thing. It's a plug and play keyboard. Which is why I think I'm having this problem; I run iTunes in the background and I should be able to pause and play with the multimedia keys on my keyboard, right? Well it doesn't work for some reason. It'll work fine some days, and it won't on others. It's like it has a mind of its own.

I asked this same question on Corsair forums and all the official dude said was 'It's not meant to work for background processes'. Then why the heck even make multimedia keys if I can open iTunes and click on pause or play?! I know for a fact that it works even when it IS in the background, so I don't know what he means.

Also they suggested resetting the HID device. Done that and it still doesn't work.

Anyone else in the same boat / have any advice for me? Much much appreciated guys!
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have you tried if it works with windows media player?
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