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Well, since it's a reference GTX 670, I would go with a non reference 760 instead. You may also want to consider a HD 7950 for around the $220 mark. Here's one I found on Newegg.


The HD 7950 also comes with 3 free games. You get to choose the games as well. I would recommend saving it for a new bundle though. Most of the games in the current bundle can be found for cheap.

Good luck!
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Between the GTX 670 http://amzn.to/14MHv7O and the GTX 760 http://amzn.to/1ewwo4A I would choose the GTX 760 because it runs cooler, consumes less power, and is a better price. The GTX 670 is slightly faster but not enough faster to justify the difference in cost.
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depends on the models you have to choose from but out of all the 2 or 4GB GTX 670's and GTX 760's
I'd go for the MSI N670 PE/OC 2GD5.
the GTX 670 beats the GTX 760 so if you can get one for around the same price or a few dollars more,
that's the way I'd go.
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