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hey guys, thanks for staying tuned. So last night I took off the cooling block off the CPU to try to see if I can visually identify the problem and I did. Two of the standoff screws that set into the MOBO were twisted, this was also evident in the thermal paste as there was a bigger squish on one side and less on the other. I went ahead and switched the bad screws and attached it properly. right now I am running prime at a pretty high level work and under 100% load its reading 84-85C/183-185F. Idle (5min after boot) was reading 38C. Clearly you probably cought the fact that I did not apply new thermal paste.

so to number it

1. should I be ok with those readings
2. should I try to achieve lower temps by applying fresh paste?
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1. Those temps are quite high under load.

2. Never take cooler off without wiping it clean and applying new paste.
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roger. shutting down to renew paste now. will post back results.
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