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Hi, I'm going to be building my first rig in a couple of days, and one of the peripherals I got was a Bitfenix Recon fan controller that goes in a 5.25 in bay. The fan controller has 5 fan controllers, and also 5 thermal probes, each probe corresponding to the same fan. Ie, fan 1 is linked to probe 1. The point is so that when the probe reaches a certain temp that you set, a little beep will go out, warning you of the temp, and the controller will ramp up the fan speed of the linked fan. My question is, where would I place the thermal probes for the CPU and GPU to get the most accurate reading without jeopardizing the heat transfer between the components and their cooling systems? Because I don't want a terribly inaccurate reading as then it would be useless, and possibly make the fan's ramp up too early or too late, which could be both annoying and disastrous. I heard that a place to put the CPU is below the CPU, which I will not do as that is too risky for my first build, and I don't want to ruin my 4770k, and another place would be right on top of the CPU. I've heard that this makes the CPU cooler less efficient, and so I won't be doing that either. So where would be the best place to put the probe for the CPU? On the coolers heatsink? Nearby on the motherboard? The latch? If it helps at all, my cooler is a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, and my mobo is an Asus Maximus VI Hero. As for where the GPU probe should go, I don't know where to even begin, as I was more concerned with the CPU. My GPU is a XFX 7950 Core Edition. I really need help on this as I'm building in 2 days, and I would really not like to have to open up the case at a later time and put on the probes, I'd rather put the probes on as I go. Thanks for any help!