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FX-8320 Overclocking

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So I thought I would make this thread as I am going through the process of overclocking my FX-8320 I have no problems getting to 4.4ghz perfects temps and on 1.456vCore. I don't want ot stop there because my temps are great so I pushed to 4.5ghz workers failed... I bumped up the vCore .025 and Workers failed, now that doesn't sound right to me so I raised my FSB which increased my RAM speed, which I thought could bump a bottleneck out, and I still can't get a stable 4.5ghz, I need some help.

IMG Link: http://i.imgur.com/pRzU3Hk.jpg

Whattt is wrong :'( I'm so saddddzzzzz frown.gif
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You may need higher voltage as much as 0.1 more to get stable on 4.5. It all depends on your cpu. every cpu is different. Add a little bit at a time and keep trying.
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With my crappy only able to add .025 at a time to voltage gigabyte BIOS, I can't the best to do it bump it up again and change LLC I guess.

Caugh* Excuse me I though you typed .01 LOL. I will try it at 1.5vCore and see what i get. Hopefully i can go past 4.5 with a 1.5vCore >.>
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Just be sure to keep an eye on your temps. If it's stable at 1.5, then back down voltage a little bit at a time until it becomes unstable. Then you will know the minimum voltage you need to be at to be stable.
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