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AMD FX-4170 Overclocking

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Hey all, I just started overclocking for the first time in my life even though I've been building computers for over a decade now.

My current setup is the following:

Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 Motherboard
AMD FX-4170
Hyper 212 EVO with a 120mm Push/Pull setup, Arctic MX-2 thermal paste (applied as a bean sized bead)
Asus HD 7770 1gb GPU - 1 Bitfeniks Pro fan 140mm on the sidepanel intake with direct flow towards the GPUs stock fan
2x 4gb 1600mhz Kingston HyperX DDR3 RAM
250gb Samsung 840 series SSD
1TB Caviar Black (If I remember correctly)
Rosewill Tachyon 550w PSU (Platinum semi-modular)
All packed in a Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl case with one 140mm fan as exhaust in the back and one 140mm fan on the front as intake. One the top there are 2 places for a 140mm fans/radiator but it is blocked by sound dampening panels.

I watched several tutorials and ended up with the following (I'm assuming stable, I stress tested it for 10x Lucas-Lehmer FFT 1024K length tests, played Borderlands 2 at high settings capped @ 60FPS + Recording with Hypercam on Xfire codec for 1 hour and used randomly for another hour. I'm currently running Prime95 on it, I'm gonna let it go for 2 hours I think):

EDIT: Core 3 failed @ 1.464V, 4.9GHz. Bumped it up a notch since it was just a single core after a while of testing (1.476V) see how that works out.
As said on CPU-Z
EDIT2: Core 4 Failed @ 1.476V After 50mins. Bumping up a notch... Getting higher and higher without decent results, god damnit..

Core Voltage: 1.476V
Core Speed: 4916 MHz
Multiplier x 24.5
Bus speed 201.45 MHz (I didnt touch this, I left it at 200 which was default. Tried fixing it up to get 5.0GHz with a smaller multiplier and ended up in an immediate crash)
HT Link 2623 MHz

Full load on Prime95:
According to Speedfan: 61C
According to CoreTemp: 58C (Notice that I've had some problems with CoreTemp. Sometimes it shows like 5 degrees on idle which cannot be, I'm not playing in a freezer)

So here is the question;

I've read mixed info on regarding the safe temps for this CPU; Someone fried an FX-8xxx at 63 degrees and I'm very close. What is a safe temp for the AMD FX-4170 chip?

Also if I wanted to overclock this to say 5.0-5.2 GHz, how should I proceed? CPU/NB is set at 1.25V (default was .125 lower I think) as many said setting it to 1.25 would make for a stable setup.

Also my RAM is 1600MHz but it's showing as 1333MHz and default is 1333MHz. Should it work fine if I just switch it to 1600MHz? EDIT: I set it to 1600MHz in BIOS and CPU-Z says that DRAM Frequency is 802.7MHz Single channels 9-9-9-24. Is this wrong? It's half of what it should be, or does it just show as half?

Lastly the stock voltage on this chip is very high and I'm currently at that 1.476V which to any Intel user would probably seem insane high. Is it worth it to bump it up if I want to reach 5.0-5.2GHz? Should I just consider myself unlucky and stay at the stable 4.9 while my CPU isnt still fried/broken?

Sorry for the wall of text, any constructive advice or even ideas are very much appreciated! If you have suggestions for addons to this hardware please feel free to tell me as long as it's within a sensible budget! (I dont wanna hear any switch to Intel. I know I should've, but when I bought the CPU a long time ago I didn't know any better than to look at the GHz values.. I'll be swapping to an Intel once my motherboard is rendered useless by new technology)

I dont know what fixing the multiplied or bus speeds actually do so I dont know the difference of raising the speeds with either.
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According to AMD, the max safe temp for a AMD FX-4170 is 61.1* C... so if you're anything close to that then stop. Also, increasing the voltage much more will only succeed in damaging the CPU and in my opinion a 4.9GHz overclock is very satisfying... If you really want to increase the overclock much more without frying the CPU invest in a good CPU cooler, whether it be air or water cooling. Assuming you get very good cooling in that case of yours you shouldn't need to up the voltage much more for a stable 5GHz overclock. About your RAM problem, make sure XMP is enabled in the BIOS and set the speed to 1600MHz. If what I think is wrong is right, then that should fix that.
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