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not necessarily . .

1. you don't need to upgrade the PSU if needed
2. you don't need to be concerned about any additional cooling for the case.
3. driver profiles for newer cards are better optimized for SLI later than at the first few releases in many games.
4. the upgrade path isn't only limited to going SLI to increase performance - whereas going SLI off the rip you pretty much cut yourself off from upgrading to/with a single card that isn't a "sidegrade" at best.

on topic(ish) i'm about willing to bet a dollar to a doughnut the OP is going to see that a single 770 is "good enough" @ 1080 and save the rest of their money for upgrading next year - they got a good plan by not blowing their whole wad at first and seem pretty intelligent.

or they're going to get a girlfriend and we know what happens to money when that happens . . . wink.gif

You have a point but if he goes SLI with 780 down the road he will still need a new PSU, still need addtional cooling, and there is a possibitlity that he would want something newer than a second 780 down the road that performs better for less/same price.

I think a single GPU is a great option. I only run one right now. But I think that if you want to go SLI it is better to get the biggest bang for your buck upfront and then when it comes time to upgrade just sell the pair and get something else in 2 years or so.

But I'm a horse trader.