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For Sale or Trade:
Sale or Trade 2500k [High Clocker]

Will Ship To: US48

I bought this 2500k just a little over a year ago. It overclocks really well on air i remember tweaking on air with a kaze 2000rpm 120x38mm fan clocking to 4.9 under 1.4 v core and 5.4 on 2 cores under 1.4 also. I cant remember exactly how high I got it stable with some tweaking on my Gigabyte board. I'm a good overclocker. So I'm sorry if you're not. It was pretty simple for me to achieve these speeds. When I was benching I temps at their very highest were 60-70C on all 4 cores. Anyways I stopped playing video games recently after buying this chip so it has been kept at stock most of it's life. I did get this chip stable on air at 5.2ghz on 4 cores and 5.6 on 2 cores. I scored in top 10 in 3D Mark when I did run it for my system 6th or 7th I think. I wasn't even maxed out either. The reason I am selling is because I am going to buy a 3770k. I'll also trade my chip plus cash for your 3770k. Before listing this chip I spoke with a few people who are buying or bought a 2500k and listed my price accordingly.

PM me.