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Can't change multiplier

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Hi guys... Sooo I just bought an AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition. I updated my BIOS and ran windows 7 experience index. Its only rated 3.7
Then I downloaded CPU-z, OC Tuner ( Because I have asrock N68-S3 UCC motherboard ). When I tried to change the multiplier It didn't change at the CPU-z and It didn't became stronger.
So my processor runs az 800 mhz instead of 3.4 ghz. Please help!
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First off, welcome to overclock.net! Second, fill out your system specs so we can see your entire machine. Third, if you went to the AsRock website and taken a look at the supported CPU list, you will notice that it does not support the Phenom II 965 BE because it's a 125w CPU and the max your motherboard supports is 95w.

As well, that a cheap, low end motherboard. I wouldn't overclock that because for not only will it not work, it may damage your system. Sell that motherboard and buy one that supports your cpu and is build to good overclocking. Do some research before you buy.
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