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Cube World Server + Minecraft [10 Player Minecraft, 10 Player Cube World]

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I'm going to be hosting a Cube World server, it seems that over 4 players the server crashes and that's all that's been happening so I need to keep a tight lid on things and only have a few people at once.

Message me on OCN and I'll add you on steam and send you the IP.
I'll be happy to invite you to a group so you can join, I think i might be able to get away with more than 4 players, possibly 5 or 6 if I'm lucky.
Update: Capping this to 8 players as over this number can cause a lot of crashing.
Update2: I also host Minecraft from time to time, not much people play on my server so this is just a notification if you ever want to check out my server anytime, running on Spigot 1.6.2 at the moment.

Whenever I host I don't usually run for 24/7, I'm tweaking my server to make sure Its running energy efficient and doing as it supposed to, but if I ever start hosting at 3PM I'll most likely host for the entire day and may or may not host the next day as it is a machine I own.

Accepting OCN and non OCN members, all are welcome.

Steam: For notifications of when the server's running join the groups.

Minecraft Group
Cube World Group

Cube World
This is it at the moment, IP will change from being public like this to something else.
Update: Public server offline, private hosting from now on to ensure no crashes.

Status: Working
Version: Latest Cube World

EDIT: Forgot to add I'm hosting from the UK, sorry if you don't have the most optimum experience.
Update: For the love of god no scouts, they have a power which crashes servers, either that or please dont use the Scout Swiftness power.

I haven't got time to host all the time, this is a server machine I run from time to time to host games with friends and invite other people to join, me hosting impacts upon network speed so I mostly host whenever I'm playing the same game I'm hosting or I'm not busy etc, it also requires time and effort into being a server admin and solving problems with the server and also resources.

How to know if the server's crashed?
You'll most likely see "disconnected" in orange in the chat window.
Or no one is moving or everyone is just running in one direction or walls (lol)

You can use the command /connect 1 to reconnect if you're lucky, sometimes this command doesn't work, and simply Press "O" and going to the start menu to reconnect should be fine.

Why does it crash so much?
The server software seems to be buggy since it is an Alpha after all, Cube World is a great game, the server software, not so spectacular, marvelous game and software though composed by Wollay, idk how you can manage to create a game and a new game engine? (Correct me if I'm wrong) and server software, multiplayer coding is hard, and this game seems to be utilizing all of my four cores, Multi-threading isnt easy either.

What makes it crash?
A player disconnecting - Nothing to do about this really, if you don't want to play on the server anymore leave when you want.

Scout Swiftness power - -_- (PATCHED in latest update)

Mass teleport - Was just wondering around separated from players and wanting to catchup with them, when suddenly we all teleport together on a tree and the server crashes, not sure if these are the teleport stones I've heard about.

Known Bugs
Continuous dying on spawn, a manual server restart may fix this or just waiting it out for this to pass.
Wiping of map exploration, don't go to the start menu while in game on a mounted pet, it seems to wipe map exploration.

Wont be hosting on Monday need to take a break from hosting and playing Cube World, it's driving me bonkers maintaining the server, maybe I'll host on Tuesday or another time.

Whenever I host Cube World I host Minecraft, at the moment It's giving me problems but just drop a message if you see me playing Cube World on Steam, I'll most likely be on my server and probably be hosting Minecraft too.

Status: Working great
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Hosting Minecraft and Cube World atm!
PM for IP
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Server not really populated atm unfortunately, let's get some players on!
Increased player cap to 10 for Cube World!
Increased player cap to 10 for Minecraft!
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