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Ok, so I have read a lot of watercooling stuff, but I am still struggling to figure out how to cool the 2 gpus and cpu for maximum performance. Here is what I have so far for my loop:
Corsair 900d case
EVGA Hydrocopper blocks
EK Supremacy Full Nickel Block (I know about the corrosion and flaking issue, but that happened a while ago, right? Do I still need to worry about it.
Swiftech MCP35x/mcp655 (Are there better pumps for performance? If not, which is better than these two? I know about the RD-30, but that seems overkill)
What radiators/radiator size/layout for loop should I be running for best performance? I am unsure of this...
Lastly, aesthetics. I was going to go for a non-aesthetical build, and I still might, but I can't find a good case without a window...
So what coolants (I'm thinking mayhems) and tubings look good while still offering the best performance?
Do I have to use distilled water for performance?
Also, I am worried about maintenance. I want to only have to do maintenance about once a year or so...
Thanks for all the help!
Oh, one more thing... how good are peltier blocks for the CPU? I just found out about them... I know they affect cooling considerably, but how does that affect performance?
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