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Suggestions for new computer not booting

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A colleague of mine, ask me for a suggested game build so I suggested the following. specool.gif

Kingston HyperX 8G Kit

1Tb WD Blue HDD
Generic LG DVD drive
Gigabyte 7970 Ghz edition
Antec Neo Eco 620C 80Plus Bronze 620W PSU
Coolermaster Hyper-212 EVO Universal CPU Cooler

Told him to pick any micro-ATX or ATX he likes.

He wanted to build (put it together him self) I told him it should be easy, just plug everything in and install your OS etc etc. thumb.gif

He rang me just before telling me it will not boot. mad.gif Apparently he has gone into the BIOS, changed first boot device to the DVD drive, save and then exits. It then restarts, the splash screen appears, then enters BIOS (automatically).

It isn't even trying to load from the DVD drive. He tells me the fans are on. The power light comes on etc.

What could be wrong? thinking.gif

He assures me he has plugged everything in to the correct sockets, unplugged and reconnected. Still nothing.

Have I suggested anything wrong? Non-compatible? wth.gif

I will get a look at it tomorrow, but was just after some ideas other then the obvious like correct plugs in the right sockets.
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'Not booting' in this instance would imply 'not posting', which clearly isn't the case.

What kind of DVD image did he burn and is trying to use? Usually if you can see the DVD drive as a device and it skips booting from it there's an issue with the ISO or disk you are trying to use, or it wasn't burned with a boot sector, etc.
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Never thought of it that way thumb.gif

He is using a ISO of an OS which I can't mention on this forum.

But saying this I will ensure I have a proper working copy for him.
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