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Yea, I am having issues with my overclock... and while it could be the chip (high vid) I want to make sure before I upgrade (im about to buy a QX9650 to replace my Q6600)

With a vid of 1.325 I have managed to get it to 3.6 on water (high temps due to high volts 1.5) and its stable for what I do, but not linpack stable.

Anyhow, I cant really afford to do an entire platform upgrade so I am trying to squeeze the last bit out of this pc I can. I just want to make sure I will be able to achieve better speeds/higher overclock with the QX9650. My ram is PC8500 and the board seems to be refusing to even get into windows beyond 450fsb.

Anyone used one of these boards? Trying to access whether or not people have achieved higher bus speeds on them? Especially if I end up with a Q version with the locked multiplier, then FSB is my only option =P