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Well, as far as the Noctua is concerned... I think you can do better than the Noctua, they've fallen a bit behind some of their competitors in that regard. Consider the Zalman CNPS14X with the addition of an extra 140mm fans (I'd personally recommend a Xigmatek XAF-1451 for its light weight, good static pressure, and high airflow to noise levels (90.3CFM at 18dBA))... it would come in significantly cheaper than the Noctua's circa $90 price tag with equal or better performace.

Third. Going back to the considerations of the LGA 2011, the i7-3820 performs within 5-10% of what the 3770K does, for about $90-100 less (currently available in-store at Microcenter for $230)... So the better upgrade path and the proven on par performance with what is projected for Steamroller make it a more viable option than Steamroller imho, since it has the better upgrade path, nearly identical cost/performance value, and the added perk that the SB-E prices will probably drop even more once IB-E is released in several months.

Just my thoughts.
your thoughts in these points are wrong.Nh D14 beats cnps14x using stock fans.cnps14x is good but as a mainsteam cooler nothing high end,it is limited in placing a fan in the middle,nh d14 perfformance reaches h100i with stock fans which arent good enough in static pressure, xigmatek fans arent good for cooling(poor static pressure) and they are kind of overpriced.i7 3820 is worse than i7 3770k in compressing and gaming and then an overpriced mobo? And I am in venezuela and some(most) of the online store doesnt accept venezuelan credit card....