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Anything significantly better?

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So I have been looking at the ASUS ME301T-A1-BL (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230933).

I need a tablet or laptop for school. I have decided that I really only need it to surf the web and do some low level gaming, with a notepad/word equivalent on it. I was looking at laptops but they seem to be widely overpriced for what I would want.

My absolute max budget is $350. Preferably as low as possible. An expansion slot is a must. Besides that I have the regular standards of any electronics enthusiast.

My interest with the M301T is really the notable brand, the expansion slot, and the fair price. However, with my general lack of knowledge concerning the top tech of tablets, I feel that I do not have enough info to max an educated decision and would like some input on anything else.
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You're buying really, really out-dated hardware here.

The display is nothing to write home about, neither are the inside specs.

I'd wait for a month and spend 380 USD on a Galaxy Note 10.1.
The screen is equivalent (though the resolution just as lackluster for 2013), but you get a much faster CPU, more RAM,
the sick S-Pen (it's insane how much of a boon that is!) and a larger SSD.

The Nexus 10 and the upcoming Infinity are both better options as well, surely you can survive a two more month without a digital companion. smile.gif
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