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Hold down key/button = lag

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If I hold down the shift key, or almost any key for that matter it drops my fps from 60(v-sync) to around 30. If I combine holding a key down and pressing a button on my mouse it then goes from 30 down to 6 fps, but wont stay at that. It'll jump back up to 30 even when holding down the mouse button. Then when I release everything it jumps back to normal frames. I can hold down the mouse button with no fps drop, but if I spam a button on the mouse then it drops to about 30.

The mouse is a razor naga, and the keyboard is a $10 logitech or something cheap. Both are usb of course and I read plugging a ps2 keyboard in would fix it but my board only has usb ports. There was also a mention of the keyboard ghosting, which I suspect is true because it's just a cheap one.

Not too big of a deal and will keep researching about the issue, but if someone that reads this knows the problem/fix right away then their help/elaboration on the issue would be much appreciated!

Also tried typing "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" with both shifts held down and came up with: "HE QUIC BROWN OX UMP OVER HE Z OG". So yeah the keyboards a crappy one, but just wondering if buying a new/better anti-ghosting board would fix the problem.

I can deal with the mouse causing lag as I don't spam any mouse buttons and it doesn't lag when I hold down a mouse button. So as long as we fix the keyboard causing lag I'm happy.

Tested it both in Path of Exile and LOL, happens the same way. But when I'm not holding a key down runs a smooth 60fps.

Edit: also if this thread is in the wrong place then by all means tell me/move me, just created an account on the board to see if anyone knows the fix.
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Thread closed.

I pretty much found the problem and a temp workaround until i find the exact issue, If anyone is curious or runs across the same problem ill post my thread that I first used: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/453895/page/1/#p3999070. If you cant access the thread then the workaround was turning down the keyboard repeat rate to as slow as possible or turning it off entirely.
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