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Hi 7790 or 7850 or wait? Memory Bandwidth Overclock.

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Hi I am been looking for a new graphic card and besides the 7750 that is more in my range i looked at the 7790 because the improvement over number of steam processors, 512 to 896; but there is something in the 7790 as seen here http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/graphics/2013/03/22/sapphire-radeon-hd-7790-1gb-review/5 it lags a lot in framerate against the 7850 1gb and there is little difference in between them very narrow in price. The components of 7790 are more new as the card higher memory clock higher clock so it should do better in comparison (I know that steam processors is all that it matters), the thing is for building a crossfire setup in the future that the 7850 will probably not be sold where I would buy it any longer at a good price. The thing I was looking about the memory interface 128 bits for 7790 96Gb/s vs 256 for the 7850 156Gb/s, I read while researching that it can really draw back a card in higher settings in performance as in that review from years ago normally they perform almost on par, the thing is how to overclock the memory bandwidth up it is been years since I did not had a graphics card I remember that one way was to increase the pci speed that can fry other cards, but I saw that high end cards have that overclocked and teraflops are the same the only thing is as in that old review is the 128 bits that drags the card, next year 256 bit and wow what a jump in performance, so i think that for noise and better components I would be ok with 7790 if when needed I could increase overclocking the memory bandwidth, so if someone with better experience and recent knowledge could give advice, I have none of the two but theoretically speaking I mean. I just think is the memory bandwidth that makes one perform above the other:thumb: I haven't my board if increasing the pci frequency 133 to 135 or 136 that was usually safe and would give some increase without frying the other cards, and then just overclock the memory bandwidth of the the 7790 to get the performance in the future when it becomes the bottleneck that I do not how or remember how to do, and I thought better ask It even can help others.
Sorry about my english and if some overclocker knows better and wants to give advice on how to get the bandwidth up or say no no they will never be the same go for the 7850, but they are on par and such just interesting because the 7850 has almost been retired at some cheap sellers.
Or wait http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/160076-directx-11-2-will-be-a-windows-8-1-and-xbox-one-exclusive-microsoft-dangles-the-upgrade-carrot so new direct x buying the perfect card and it will be old in some months certainly by then there will be more options and even if some out of stock like the 7850 some cheaper the 7790.
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Sorry the only question would be how to overclock the memory bandwidth so it rises the 7790 framerate, well I have never used aa in my life, so it is a reliable option for the future besides rising the pci base clock, that because there are some overclocked factory cards that yield higher memory bandwidth than stock it is possible in other ways and if it will really do what I expect.
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You cannot overclock the memory bus. It stays put. In order to push frames at higher resolution, you could adjust the memory frequency to make up for narrower memory bus
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no no other way than the pci interface? i saw a review of a super card with higher than stock and I guessed there were another way, not that I am going to play at very high resolutions just future proof, once I wanted the best to see it sharp and all but never got so I cooled down.
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128-bit GDDR5 memory interface Oh sorry i just got it is a long time since i bought a graphics card, huzzug you were right I thought it was with the computer ram, and all that.
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Yup. Even then, you could increase the memory frequency to make up fpr the narrower memory bus. Use software like AfterBurner or Sapphire Trixx. Don't expect miracles but a little bit of tweaking should do you good
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there is just 10 euro from the cheapest 7790 to the cheapest 7850 even if the first has newer components and the lest has already a year at similar price it would be better the last, i thought it was due to interface restrictions with the rest of the system, well welcome bonaire XT, I will have to pass on the bonaire although, i guess, forgive me i am not an expert, years since i had a pc.
So set sail to the 7850 or the cheapest 7750! Admit it your first one with ddr5!
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If you plan on getting the 7750, make sure you get the 1GB one as that is the DDR5 model. The 2GB variant has DDR3 memory. Or else, if there is not much of a difference in price, better go for a HD 7850
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