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Different Temp readings

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Hi guys

im really confused about my CPU Temps, its an FX 8350, with the stock cooler at stock speeds, i downloaded almost every software for reading my temps as you can se below:

The screen was taken at IDLE:

I used to take Speed Fan's Temp1 and HWMONITOR's CPU Temp, wich in the screen is at 41°C, as my real CPU temp, BUT afther lees that 15 min of OCCT that temp is over 60°C.. the higher i tuk it was 63°C...

I heard that the stock cooler is quite bad, but is not even capable of keep it cool at stock speeds?

Or am i just reading the temperatures wrong?

Or my FX is bad an should i claim warranty?

The rest of my specs are:

MB: Asus Crosshair V Formula
CPU: AMD FX 8350 Stock
Stock cooler
VGA: XFX R7870
PS: Thermaltake Toughpower 600W
Case: CM Storm Scout 2

I'll preaciate the help, thx
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I wouldnt be too concerned. Running OCCT is not a normal use scenario. It pushes the CPU very very hard and generates way more heat than any normal use scenario can. You should not run that type of program with stock cooling. Keep you CPU temps below 60C.

Stock coolers are not good so thats probably normal temps although the Idle is fairly high. What sort of ambient temps are you working in. Is it hot where you are?

You should look to invest in an aftermark cpu cooler to lower your temps overall. Even something cost effective like a Hyper 212 evo will be more effective than stock cooling and quieter. Noctua U14s is a great air cooler but a little more expensive or you could look at a H80i or H100i for all in one water cooling.
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So i take it that 41°C is my real cpu temp. ok, ill search for some afthermarket coolers.
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Yeah 41 is the Package temp. The others are the cores. I treat them as guidelines really and try to keep the temps below 55c and core voltage below 1.51v.
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i got a Notcua NH-D14 and the temps lowered 20°C at load, "mindblow!"

and its so silent... my god.. well thx guys
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Its a great cooler. That was my last Aircooler before i got into watercooling.
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