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Deathadder weird shape?

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Is it just me who thinks the deathadder isnt a palm grip mouse at all? its impossible to get the palm of your hand to even rest on the mouse because of how the front of the curves downwards so much, when i pick it up the only grip on the mouse i get is with my pinky and my thumb. im just curious what the hell the people at razer where thinking when they made this a "pure palm grip mouse" it doesnt come close to the mx518 or the EC1 in comfort in my opinion which fit like a glove. Is it just me who thinks this way? i have medium sized hands. the deathadder is just too low to be a palmgrip mouse... it suprises me considering how popular the deathadder is, am i the only one who thinks this way?.
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The best mous for fps ever for medium to big hands would be a new Intelli 3.0 without the multi profile-garbage, solid 400 dpi only and a deathadder 3.5 like malufunction speed sensor and 500 hz polling-rate plug and play ready by default.

that's all you pretty much need and would be the perfect mouse to get a dozen for your lifetime as a mousefreak many running around on this page. XD

and this baby as a regular and left handed version.

a intelli 3.0 is high enough and it's pretty long with its 130 mm and wide enough. plus the shape ist just well made overall.

my palmgrip with the the left handed deathadder was ever a bit weird. if i tried to palm it for real it ended with my fingers far above the frontedge.

with my righthand deathadder it was different what's a bit funny, but I just inclined to another natural gripposition with my right hand while grabbing the da and palming it.

so yes i would say, the da isn't good to palm for my natural left mousehand cause i alway tend to grap it a way that has the result that this mouse is just to small for my full palm and fingerlength.

right now I am using my best symmetrical palmmouse for my handsize, the razer boomslang ce 2007.

excellent over all control and strong solid sensor.
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