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Before the fourth of July weekend, I was watching a movie with my girlfriend when all of the sudden my computer shut itself off without warning. After about 3-4 seconds, the computer turned back on and started an infinite loop of starting and restarting itself. After turning off the power supply and letting the motherboard shut down, I attempted to reboot the computer. The motherboard will not post---it displays no video and I am getting a weird error code: dE. The computer doesn't restart itself at this point anymore, it just sits at this dE state and refuses to POST. 


I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to attempt to fix this situation other than what I've tried. I've tried "breadboarding" the motherboard: one known working video card, one stick of RAM and only my solid state plugged in. I went away for the fourth of July weekend, but before I left on Thursday I disconnected the power supply and BIOS battery. When I came home today and attempted to restart the computer, it didn't work. I purchased this board used from a member over at TechPowerUP, however he will not answer any of my private messages, and I'm beginning to become frustrated with being out almost $200. Can anybody help me out? Here's a picture of the error code (which oddly enough, is not listed in the MPower manual). I apologize for the horrible picture, the error codes are in between two of my video cards, making it hard to get a shot of both LED's.