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WC in Fractal Design XL r2

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Build log for my first incursion in liquid cooling (besides AIO). First build was with 1 titan only. The final build with reversed flow and 2 titans in sli.

Case Fractal design XL r2 with two default 140 mm fan as intakes (front)
Pump Swiftech 655 PWM + ek top with reservoir
240 quiet power Swiftech rad + 2 AP14 Typhoons (as exhaust)
240 EK coolstream rad + 2 AP15 Typhoons in a rad box (Swiftech) outside the case along with a t-line (drain)
140 mm GT Stealth rad
several compression fittings (mostly EK and bitspower and swiftech too) with some 45 degrees bitspower
EK rubber 5/8 x 3/8 tubing
EK clear cooling liquid
XSPC Raystorm block
Aquacomputer USB flow/temp meter
3930k OC to 4.4 Ghz 1.36 v for 24/7 (can bench easily at 1.47 v running 4.8 ghz all cores)
MB Asus Rampage IV extreme
32 Gb corsair 2133 mhz
3x 3 TB 7200 rpm mechanical drives
3x Samsung 840 pro SSD
PSU ax1200i Corsair
Schyte fan controller
2 EVGA Titans (1 Hydro copper and 1 SC with komodo block replacing blower) - Bios of the SC was repalced with bios from hydro copper avoiding in that way a lot of artifacts while gaming)

First Build. Flow through VGA first > rad top> cpu block> rad front>reservoir/pump. 4 noctuas pwm fans at this point (latter replaced with ap14 and ap15)

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Final build with flow: reservoir/pump>140 rad front >cpu block>top rad>VGAs>ek rad on the back>Aquastream USB>pump/rad

Two minor mods on the case. HD cage (top cage removed and plastic cover from the bottom one removed too). That allowed the bottom cage to be screwed to the top structure for the 5"drives. Second one some minor holes in the bottom of the cage to fit the 2x EK holder for the pump which itself was modded to make a nice double 8 rubber feet hold for the pump/reservoir.

Comments and suggestions would be most welcomed.

Average room temp around 25 C. Coolant temp around 30 C Idle and can reach up to 40 C in silent mode (all fans at or below 1000 rpm). Idle cpu temps around 40 and prime95 around 66 C (hotter core). GPU idle at 30/33 (1 and 2 respectively) and gaming or benching around 45/49 in silent mode.

Wondering if placing ap14 of the top radiator to pull fresh air into the case and reversing the rear fan again to exhaust would make temps even better but pretty happy so far.
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A very well thought out , clean and strong looking build . The w/blocked Titans are a awesome addition . would luv to bench those monsters smile.gif
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Thanks a lot brother! Very happy with the system. I use the PC to work and game but occasionally I do bench. Without much effort I could get top 20 with one card in 3DMARK (both cloud gate and firestrike) a month or 2 ago. With sli again without much effort on OCing both cpu and titans I got like top 30 in sli.

cheers.gif and have a coopers (love this beer) drunken.gif
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