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AMD Graphics Card Crash Log(Where to Find) Computer Crashing to black screen.

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Hey guys, first time poster, sry if I posted in the wrong area or if im doing something wrong, but I'm grasping at straws here.

Ok, so lately my computer has been being weird, when im playing a graphic intensive game my computer will freeze and the audio will loop. Then I hear just a sound like feedback, then the screens go black. My graphics card is an AMD 7970 Gigabyte edition. I've ran FurMark for hours and it runs fine. My processor is a i7 3770k stock. I've also tried testing my RAM, 16gb, nothing to report there.

The things I'm not sure about are my power supply which is a 750 and possibly my processor or graphics card. I'm wanting to know if AMD has some sort of crash log so I can see if anything went wrong. Ive checked event viewer and all that shows up is a Kernal-Power Critical Error refering to when I hold the power button down till the PC shuts down.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys, go easy on me.
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Find any answer to this yet?

I'm having the exact same problem as you describe, and I too am suspecting a video card issue. My video card never goes above 65 degrees C, processor stays well within proper temp limits. Furmark can run for hours with no crash, but gaming will blow it up. My crashes sound identical to yours. Screens go black, rarely get a looping sound, but usually a loud popping feedback noise and I need to force power it off with the power button. When that crash happens too, I can hear all the fans in my computer wind up to full speed, and stay like that. But runing HW Monitor, and a few other programs say that temps are all nice and cool.

I don't think it is your power supply, but I recently upgraded my PSU from a junky 650W one, and it cleared up one certain type of crash. That crash was when I was overclocking everything, and it would shut my computer down all together, as if somebody just switched off my PSU. I would then need to unplug the power cord, switch off the PSU, and wait 30 seconds before plugging in again or else it wouldn't even respond to the power button anymore.

Complete the following troubleshooting steps:
- 3 different AMD drivers
- Upgraded PSU to Corsair 850
- Tested with 2 different pairs of RAM
- Re-install Windows
- Changed the video card settings (Overclock, underclock, stock)
- 2 different HDDs
- Changed CPU settings (Overclock, underclock, stock)
- Added far too much cooling including liquid cooling on CPU
- Changed all kinds of bus speeds on motherboard

None of those steps cleared up the issue. Underclocking the video card helped the most, but would still crash if I started to stream in high resolutions. I am currently in the painful process of getting the card RMA'd and hopefully this clears it up. I am also going to be picking up a FX 8350 from in-store Tiger Direct since they have it on sale for $159. It's much better for gaming, and one of the few components I have not switched out yet. For that price, I don't mind switching at all since it looks like the 3rd gen FX is not going to come out any time soon if ever.

If anyone else has insight on this, or if the OP has already solved this, can you please let me know? It's driving me crazy!

Machine Specs:
- AMD FX 8120
- Sapphire OC GHZ ed 7870 2GB @ 5888x1080 Eyefinity
- Corsair H80i cpu cooler
- 16GB Kingston HyperX Blu RAM @1600
- Corsair HX850 80+ Gold PSU
- Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 mobo
- OCZ Agility 3 180GB SSD
- 1TB WD Black HDD

EDIT: Found this thread here. Looks like this is nothing new, and has been going on for a while now.
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