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For Sale or Trade:
For Sale or Trade For a 7950 water block (Full or Universal); (2 x 4Gb) Avexir Core Series 2000Mhz RAM

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking for someone who has a full cover reference or Universal 7950 water block and wants to do an even trade for some (2 x 4Gb) Avexir Core Series 2000Mhz with Blue Pulse LED RAM. The 2000Mhz set of RAM is very rare and hard to find so I linked you to the 2133Mhz just because they are exactly the same except for the speed. This RAM can be overclocked to 2133Mhz without touching the timings or voltage so you basically are getting the same exact pair that I linked. I currently have them overclocked to 2400Mhz by slightly loosening the timings and they are absolutely great and extremely fast not to mention sexy with the blue pulse LED's.

I have a ROG style build and am in desperate need of a 7950 water block so I figured I would trade this rare and highly sought after RAM for one. I love the breathing blue LED's, but it just doesn't work well with my white, black, and red theme. These will be in my rig until my 2133Mhz Ripjaws X RAM comes in.

If you don't have a water block to trade I will sell this for $75 to the person who PM's me first. Don't miss your chance to get this pair of highly sought after RAM.

I will not be able to ship this until I receive my new RAM.
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