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SO I have one graphics card the EVGA NVIDIA 550 Ti , a Intel Core i7 3770K, 16 GB of Kingston HyperX memory, on my G1 sniper3. Like some posts before I am having the same issue with no display out of my DVI port on the 550 TI. I have disable the internal graphics in the bios, and I have set the bios to the first PCI slot or even PVI mode and no graphics out to my monitor. Recently I have updated the BIOS to F8J (beta) and I am still having this issue.

I have Linux installed and the current nvidia drivers and for a time all was working correctly but if I were to cold boot the computer I would have the same display issues. Thus I will have to reset the bios and start over again.

now integrated graphics works fine out of the on board DVI port and it doesnt use the GPU.

I have read in the forum that one person reseeded the card to the second slot, I will try that soon.

Are there other BIOS settings that I need to work with as well?
Should I downgrade the bios back to F7?
Is my card "too old" for the board?
Has anyone else gotten linux to work properly? Is there something with the uEFI BIOS and Linux that I am not catching?
How can I get into legacy BIOS mode and select the video card?

also in the 3D BIOS I see the PEG option however I do not see that option on the advanced BIOS screen and anyone tell me why?

Any help is greatly appreciated.