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Suggest an upgrade

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(I'm not sure if this is the correct forum.)

So I like getting hardware upgrades and am in the mood to upgrade something else in my system, but am having a difficult time deciding what, and I wanted to see if anyone has suggestions.

Here is my system at the moment:

i5 3570k @ 4.5 Ghz w/ Evo 212+

4 x 2 Gb Gskill DDR 1600

Asus Sabertooth Z77

Crucial M4 128 GB (thinking about upgrading to Samsung 840 Pro 256, but they came out last October, so I'm tempted to wait to see if a new gen comes out this fall)

MSI TwinFrozr III 7950 @ 975 / 1450 (would like to wait for AMD 9000 series)

Soundblaster ZxR Soundcard

Antec P280 Case


LG 27" 1080p monitor (want to wait until 1440p+ 120hz are more affordable / realistic with GPU tech)

Logitech Z-680 Speakers (am interested in upgrading to a new 5.1 system for ~300 that would be a real improvement and can be pluigged into my Soundblaster ZxR but have not found any speaker sets that would fit this description. Must be 5.1)

Corsair Vengeance K70 Silver (amazing, makes "exquisite" a not-inappropriate term for a keyboard)

Gigabyte M6980x Gaming Mouse (excellent also)

Any ideas? I don't use Blu-ray.
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Depending on the space you have available on that SSD, i wouldn't really think you needed anything.

Are the temps good with your 212 @ 4.5? Nice oc.
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Thanks. Pretty decent temps I think. I've run it for about 2 hours on the latest Prime 95 while doing other tasks (to me that is probably long enough unless I start noticing errors). The temps in Asus Thermal Radar range from about 45c-55c while prime is running. Idles at about 31-33c.

Previously had it at 4.4ghz, but was able to get it stable (at least 2 hours Prime) by increasing the offset voltage to about 0.030 IIRC, and, importantly (because it wasn't stable before this and I did this based on Asus' instructions online), increasing the Load Line Calibration to High (less than Ultra High and Extreme)

I still have about half the space left on the SSD but at times I make compromises about what games I install. If I knew that there were no new, faster SSDs on the horizon for the fall I would go ahead and get the 256 840 Pro. I wish there were a way to see when Samsung is releasing the next series (anyone know?)
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I personally haven't tried the 840 pro, but i have the 840 250 gig. It is crazy fast. I'm biased since it was my first SSD.

I did a lot of reading and of course the Pro is faster, but i think it mostly comes down to benchmarking. You won't see any IRL differences IMO if you're the everyday computer user!
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I actually emailed Samsung asking them if they could tell me about any upcoming SSD drives and they said they had not heard anything about upcoming drives (tech support said this), but to continue checking their website... so who knows I guess.
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