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Upgrade now or wait?

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Hey all, I'm currently thinking about updating my GPU. I build this system a few years ago, and while I have done a few upgrades over the past few years, my GPU is the same as my initial build. Here is my system.

Raidmax Smilodon
MSI 790fx-gd70
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
2x 4GB G.Skillz RAM
2x 2GB G.Skillz RAM
Sapphire 4870 2GB

I was initially waiting for the HD 8000 series and thinking about picking up an 8870. However then they were postponed, then they were skipping the 8000 series, and apparently now they're coming out in September...

Anyways. I've got the 4870 that is still running like a champ, and I have a brand new unopened 9800GTX+ that I got for free. The main reason (besides better graphics and fps) I'm wanting to upgrade is so I can expand my 2 screens to 3 or 4. In theory, adding the 9800 should let me add 2 more screens, or am I wrong? I'm also not sure on how that will work with 2 completely different GPUs.

Am I best off waiting and getting a 8000 series or 9000 series when they release? Crossfire is something I've never done but have considered. If I went for 2 cheaper cards would that give me similar performance to one high end card? Say 2 7770s for $100 each?

Or would I be better off going Nvidia? I've always purchased AMD but I'm not a fanboy of either. Price/performance has in my experience nearly always been on AMDs size.

Thanks for the info!

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You cant add two different cards. They use different chipsets so they wouldnt work.

Sell both of them, invest in a good higher end GPU. I'd wait till the 8xxx or 9xxx come out, cause youve been using that card for so long you might as well wait till the best of the best comes out.

Also, two 7770's in crossfire is basically equivalent to an non-boosted 7950. So a low end 7950 in a sense. But crossfire isnt always great. Lots of driver issues and some games dont work with crossfire support, so i would stick with a single higher end card unless you know what youre doing. Its not as simple as popping in both cards and presto twice the performance. It requires more work than you think
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I know I wouldn't be able to crossfire/SLI them, but I was under the impression that they could be run as separate cards powering different monitors? I may be incorrect however.

And yea, I know it isn't a simple plug and play, I'm just not sure on the mechanics of it. It is good to know that some things won't support it though. Thanks for the info, I was kind of leaning towards the one higher end card, but since I have no experience with SLI or Crossfire I figured it might be cool to try out.
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