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4770K Temp question

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Hey guys, so I've had my 4770K for awhile but have just been running it at stock till I could afford to get my video card and a new CPU cooler. So I ordered my video card and CPU cooler (Noctua NH-D14) tonight and just for the heck of it I wanted to test my CPU on the stock cooler for reference.

Well I used OCCT 4.4.0 and it ran for ~53 seconds before I hit the thermal limit of 85C and the test stopped. Is this pretty standard for the stock cooler? Again this is with NO overclock at all. I'm just wondering if you guys think I might possibly have a bunk chip, or if this is SOP for stock everything.
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It is normal for a stock cooler and more importantly, auto volts. Usually the motherboard gives more than required VCore even for stock speeds, when it is set at auto.
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The stock cooler is designed for comapatibility, not optimal cooling. Haswell also has a cheap TIM making contact with the die and the IHS, causing temperatures to increase. The temperatures you are seeing are completely normal.

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